Leadership  Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

The business environment is in flux, making it necessary for senior executives to adjust their leadership perspectives and practices in line with the new occupational realities. Business leaders must therefore focus on how their teams are performing within the context of the existing environment and institute change necessary to improve the quality of output across the business. In this programme we look at the changing business world, and how that impacts leadership paradigms?

At the end of the programme, the participants should be able to:

  1. Ability to lead effectively in a highly competitive and volatile business world
  2. Understand business complexity and uncertainty
  3. Capacity to define essential change for business success
  4. Recognise communication as the centrepiece in Leadership
  5. Ability to exhibit team leadership that inspires and motivates
  6. Enhanced conflict management capabilities for better team dynamics

  1. Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and other C-Suite Executives
  2. Senior executives, Directors and Heads of Departments
  3. Executive Directors, Directors-general

In order to register or for enquiries please contact:

Kepha:kepha@leadershipgroup.co.ke Tel: 0721 850622


Christabel:christabel@leadershipgroup.co.ke Tel: 0711 411316

Deadline for registration: In order to participate in programme please submit your registration form by 18th April, 2019.


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