Executive Mentorship

Executive Mentorship

Grow by Learning from Leadership Gurus

The turnover of C-suite staff evident across markets and industries suggests that better support is needed for those at the top of organisations. Similarly, newly appointed non-executive directors are groping in the dark, literally, as they struggle to come to grips with their new highly demanding roles, some of which they are not fully prepared for.  Some of the world’s greatest leaders did not get where they are without   the guidance of an outstanding mentor.

This programme gives participants the opportunity to get   insights from proven C-suite and Board leaders and hear from experts who have walked the same path ahead of them. It is a life-changing and eye-opening experience like no other that would stand you in good stead in your current C-suite and board role.  

Why you should attend

The programme will enrich you with valuable insights that will enable you to:

  • Learn from the  mentor's experience
  • Accelerate your professional development
  • Decide where to focus your efforts in your leadership development
  • Embrace  learning as part of your leadership journey
  • Experience mentorship in a real-life simulation

Who Should Attend?

  • Board Chairpersons
  • Members of Boards of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Executive Directors/Senior Managers

Selected Programme Topics

  • Fundamental principles of mentoring
  • Key roles of Mentor and Mentee
  • How to manage the mentoring relationship over time
  • Core skills and competencies of the Mentor
  • What to do if mentoring isn’t working 
  • Mentoring in Action (Practicum)


Date:  November 30th,  2023

Time: 8.30 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.

Venue: Radisson Blu Arboretum, Nairobi  

Investment: KShs40,000 (inclusive of taxes)


To Register

Call: Christabel -- 254711411316

Email: Christabel@leadershipgroup.co.ke 

Deadline:  November 10th, 2023

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