Governance & Board Practice

Governance & Board Practice

Effective boards are a must for organizations striving to deliver value to their diverse stakeholders. The Leadership Group, together with its partners, provides board practice solutions that include corporate governance development tailored to address board skills gaps to enable   provide leadership and direction to businesses and organisations.  

We also undertake board evaluation and governance audits as a precursor to board leadership and  governance development.


We design programmes that are engaging for both boards and senior management in the areas or governance and board practices. We work with board chairmen and CEOs to understand the specific challenges facing the organisation and borrow from our extensive experience in boards of international businesses to come up with valuable interventions. We conduct board evaluation and develop respective reports and action plans to embed best practices and engender improvements. Working with board chairmen we take the board members through individual outcomes and lessons that position them to play their roles better as board members.

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Corporate governance is a very delicate responsibility for boards and management in any organisation. Understanding the key concepts, perspectives and orientations is a very important first step towards effective implementation.

The pillars of accountability, fairness, transparency and responsibility are key to effective corporate governance. We also look at such elements as strategy, structures and processes as well as risk governance to give participants a complete view of corporate governance.

Corporate governance in any jurisdiction cannot be discussed in isolation as it would, of essence, borrow from other standards and codes applied across the world. The King Four corporate governance principles, UK and Commonwealth standards and other global conventions are key to understanding the breadth of corporate governance.

Ranging from the Companies Act, the CMA guidelines, the Mwongozo code of governance for state corporations, Kenyan businesses have their corporate governance work cut out for them. Compliance to Kenya’s corporate governance standards is a basic obligation for boards and management.

Boards set the direction for the companies they govern and play a very important role in engaging with various business stakeholders. For boards to play their role effectively, they must be clear about their responsibilities and stakeholder expectations.

The individual qualifications of  board directors do not necessarily make for effective boards if there are no appropriate supportive structures to facilitate this. Setting up and resourcing essential committees, using modern communication frameworks and creating good intra-board relations is a key part of that.

Many a time businesses say they are implementing corporate governance best practices, but who really knows that they do. Stakeholders need assurances that boards are doing what they say they are doing which is why auditing such companies and publishing the outcomes goes a long way in enhancing stakeholder confidence.

Performance management at all levels of the organisation is key to success now and in the future. Boards must set the example by assessing their own performance through regular structured evaluations and candidly discuss the evaluation outcomes and set targets for  performance improvement  going forward.

Boards represent investor interests and are empowered by shareholders to engage with various stakeholders  for the good of the organisation. Having regular and structured engagement is very important within a collaborative communication environment.

Meetings can be very frustrating if not managed properly; and board meetings have every chance of dropping into this pitfall if clear procedures are not in place to ensure smooth running. Having a chair who is on top of his game, a clear agenda, essential information for decision-making and observing punctuality are some of the essentials to making it work.


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