Leadership  Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

With Leadership challenges increasing in the 21st century, recent studies attribute 90% of leadership success to Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence empowers leaders to deliver business results: develop and use talent in the company and maintain competitive business advantage. This programme will equip participants with the requisite skills and abilities to recognize, understand and manage their own emotions as well as influence the emotions of others for positive behavior change; a great work environment; increased trust and enhanced teamwork for business transformation.

At the end of the programme, the participants should be able to;

  1. Implement effective self-management
  2. Develop and nurture great relationships with others
  3. Exploit their potential and maximise on their leadership capabilities
  4. Build and maintain high performance teams
  5. Engender and espouse good corporate governance
  6. Have capacity to recognise and celebrate workplace diversity

  1. Chief Executive Officers/Managing Directors
  2. Executive directors/C-suite executives/Directors-general
  3. Business unit leaders
  4. Senior government officials/County executives

In order to register or for enquiries please contact:

Kepha:kepha@leadershipgroup.co.ke Tel: 0721 850622


Christabel:christabel@leadershipgroup.co.ke Tel: 0711 411316

Deadline for registration: In order to participate in programme please submit your registration form by 15th May, 2019.

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