A Call to Promote Good Governance in Kenya

A Call to Promote Good Governance in Kenya

Become a 360-degree leader with our high-impact short leadership effectiveness programme for the modern-day executive. The programme provides an opportunity for participant self-reflection through practical exercises, case studies and action-planning in order to become wholesome leaders. Learn and appreciate how to influence your seniors (including boards), peers and direct reports for the best strategic business outcomes.

Understand why increasing your influence with key stakeholders is a strategic leadership imperative

Appreciate the attributes and skills necessary to become a 360 degree leader

Examine your capacity to influence effectively and take actions on your shortfalls

Establish what you need to do to become a 360 degree leader

Create practical strategies for embedding a culture of 360° leadership in your organization

to create and embed a 360° leadership culture within their organizations

Middle managers in need of increased influence with key stakeholders in order to become more effective in their roles

Exploring 360 Degree Leadership

Leading Up- A Leader’s biggest Challenge

Leading Across: How to influence Peers and enhance collaboration

Leading Down: How to influence and motivate your team


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