SME Business Foresights Strategy Workshop

SME Business Foresights Strategy Workshop

Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are becoming increasingly important in terms of job and wealth creation as well as the development of innovation. However, there are considerable concerns about the quality of strategic planning and management in this very crucial economic development sector.

Learn to develop long-term perspectives and scenarios as part of your strategic planning process by attending our practical and interactive workshop. This workshop provides an opportunity for SME business leaders and strategists to learn more about the foresights approach to strategic planning and how to embed it in their planning process.

• Understand the concept of foresights planning
• Appreciate the developmental stage of your business
• Develop future business scenarios
• Apply the foresights approach to strategic planning
• Develop a strategic plan that prepares your organization for the future

• CEOs and Managing Directors of small-medium enterprises (SMEs)
• Executive Directors and Senior Managers of small-medium corporates
• Entrepreneurs and Start-up Managers

• Day 1: Understanding my business today
o Understanding business development stages
o Internal domains and driving forces
o External forces of change
o The strengths, weaknesses and values of your business.

• Day 2: Scenarios creation
o Develop a scenario matrix
o Examine the driving forces
o Create four or more scenarios about the future of your business.

• Day 3: Strategic planning
o Create a vision for the next ten years
o Develop strategies to achieve your vision
o Develop action plans to execute your strategies
o Develop contingency plans to deal with unexpected events
o Analyze your plan and strengthen weak areas


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