Business Agility: Coaching as a Leadership Transformation Tool

Business Agility: Coaching as a Leadership Transformation Tool

What does it take to build an agile team and foster an enabling culture of innovation and empowerment?

 Dr. Martin Oduor-Otieno, an accredited Executive Coach, is the Founder of The Leadership Group Ltd and serves as the Chairman of the AECC. He, along with Diana Mulili, member of The Room and an Economic Development Executive with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching, explore the transformative power of coaching to create business agility.

2020 was a stress-test year for leadership skills. Companies’ annual plans became redundant overnight as the uncertainty dragged on. Individuals struggled to keep regular work schedules while home-schooling, and in unfortunate situations, nursing the ill. Anxiety levels rose as layoffs became imminent to survive the socio-economic effects of the pandemic. By August 2020, studies estimated 6.8 out of 10 employees suffered burn-out. Through this, the most agile companies relied on a work culture built around purpose, innovation, and employee empowerment to navigate the unprecedented volatile and ambiguous market conditions.

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